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Where She Falls
She has been to this cliff many times before
Looked across the vast emptiness before her naked eye
The cold mist clinging to her like the despair of her soul
Winter is not far away but summer is already a memory
The wild sea follows strange patterns she tries to understand
Dark clouds gather around her so she hides in her big coat
In spring she stood here happy for a small moment
In summer once again dark thoughts felling her without mercy
Autumn did not bring many new ideas or behaviors
Lost count of the lines on her arms, the rain outside
Once a shelter from grief, now a place to dream
The harsh reality always catching her before the dream ends
Now on top of these crumbling rocks she has signed her fate
Winter shall never be the same for those who whispered her name
Spring shall never welcome her again, nor summer or autumn
Winter has settled in her mind and in winter she rested her soul
In the gray snow she wrote her name with purest blood
In the sea she threw her body, soul and mind without hesitation
Finally understanding the whispers of the deep dark water
Now looking at the vast emptiness behind her eyes, forever