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Turn in Silence
The movements across your face
Tiredness and bitterness in cold life
Visions drawn across your breath
Where we went tonight is stolen life
Of trees along the waterside and birds
Birds behind your eyes with fluttering wings
The ice that has drowned the future and the past
The threshold of longing phases misguided by day
Like this maze of lines across your hand
Will tell me more than your secondhand words will
My breath has fallen in circles to become transparent
I can almost feel the tremors that move beyond you
That moves you in misguided ways
Of grass and whispers it will never be
But the things that go on beyond these dreams
Are still, clear and new compared to few
These cannot be sold and movement will forever sway
To hold the hands that tells so much
See the birds alone behind the moon
Behind the eyes I once looked
Beyond the movements I once knew
Before it all went still and we walked away
Still these movements in my heart alone at the waterside
Where everything moves without you
Somewhere you draw a very cold and bitter breath
Turn around in the silence