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The tears you have cried shall not be forgotten
The love you gave me shall always be treasured
More than you'll ever know and far from the lies
Many a night we spoke on the telephone, dreaming
Many nights spend drinking in crowded places, dying
Did we ever really know each other, let alone ourselves
The blind spots we create to make our lives simpler
Yet isn't truth something that comes back to haunt you
When every lie has been sold twice and the tales bore you
Into this life we travel with eyes open and mouths shut
What we see we will never tell any soul that crosses our path
One look from you can bring me so much grief
One look later and I've fallen in love again
The mysteries we share are never fully understood
Maybe the intentions weren't always pure
The dreams certainly weren't, our lives never were
If truth be known not all tears were that pure either
Yet they shall never be forgotten even if for one false reason
How we live is how we are remembered, 
how we died easily forgotten
One way to live, one way to die, the impurity and the pure
In the end we had so little left to show for our fears
This dance we dreamed shall continue in slow moving agony
Even long after we have stopped dancing, stopped dreaming
There will always be something to cling onto in desperation
And every reason you can find is good enough for me