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If you close your eyes you will feel the terror
The unspoken sounds that creep across your spine
The noises that are far from this world so clear
The darkness stealing your breath bit by bit
The cold of the night wrapping around your bones
Do you trust her enough, can you trust her enough
Will you feel safe with eyes shut tight
Dare you peek and shatter the tension
She beliefs in you like you deny yourself
What she has to give you in this gloom
Her lips, her flesh, the silver knife
It's all a big mystery for now
It will always be a big secret untold
What happened that night will not be shared
But I saw you shiver and shake, saw the terror
As the lights went out, one by one
The darkness creeping closer
You went deep inside yourself, far away
You have become unreachable, far gone
Like a shadow in a dark room you now live
This terror shall no longer have a name