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No Song
Alone without a song to sing
My darkness will bring me to heaven
Along the road we kissed in ruins
Black planets colliding in a vision of pain
Strike it down in madness where we rule
Night in colours down in wilderness
My eyes in terror where I don't see
Clinical pain on a stolen bed
Wires across the wall, breath calls
In darkness lies the truth
Sweetness in a golden jar
Cut me through in blood we rule
Visions in the snow along the branches
Wild animals in wilder forests
Thrown about and dropped in death
The earth is cold and my heart don't beat
I've come back to the cold moons
Where I grew tall and wild
I left the blood way behind
In those dark places I roamed
To those of yonder I whispered
But nothing was felt in those days
Merely a strange touch so unreal
All alone in a broken place
Wild flowers near a cold stone
Engraved with my words in silence
When no one looked, I left
All alone and no song to hear