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Will you dance lightheaded into the next millennium?
Or will you slowly glide into the dark netherworld
It's all in your hands now, the truth or the lies
What you will become and what you have become
The dance of the silent dead that hypnotizes your soul
The lights of the party are way too bright for you
Do you still believe in the dreams you once created?
Or does that lighter mean you are burning all you have
With the flames your name will be erased, your past forgotten
All the people passing your house will stay and wonder
But you are already very far from here, into the depths
Walking slowly but with thoughts racing against time
The millennium will be washed in the blood of desperation
The party is in full swing but all eyes are lackluster
Celebrating the razor and the future in one full swig
Where the reasons falter the lights will also dwindle
There was a fire of passion in your heart once, now destruction
The demons are creeping closer, you can no longer stand
Slipping through hands that try to reach you but you are dazed
Nothing ever matters anymore except the occasional rush
The rush of things you used to love infinitely; music, friends
As the millennium burns brighter you are fading away
The dance or the glide into nothing, who are you to decide
What gives you the right to make that decision in your life
Are you still with me or near me, or is it already too late
Has it not always and forever been already too late?