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When I no longer can believe in you
If I can no longer look you in the eyes
I shall leave this place and travel far
I must forget everything I once knew
Which is not so much looking back
A little dust to cover my tracks
I shall leave under cover of midnight
It's when you crept into my life
Under red moon you stood outside the nightclub
The club where I've been drinking away despair
Slightly drunk I arrived walking into you
You were staring at that moon
Your face pale, your clothes black
Your thoughts were darker as night
No stars but the glitter of your eyes
We stood there silently for a while
Went in together, left together
Sharing a despair and a love for the absurd
We played music, drank lots of wine
I drowned in your eyes, you held my hand
Later you kissed my silent lips
It was magic so I kissed you back
The next day we were still wrapped together
After months together I stopped believing
Not in you but in myself, as ever
But you were the one that left one night
It was stormy and cold as winter
You could no longer look into your eyes
You said you did not know them any more
So you left in search of yourself
I slowly stopped believing in you as well
I sprinkled stardust but the stars died
So I had to go to wilder places
I did travel far but I never left my home
If you return you may kiss my silent lips