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I am underpaid, underestimated, under the weather
I am overwhelmed, overdressed, over the moon
I am in between, inept, in debt, in the cold
I am out off sight, out off mind, out off my head
I am everything you need, everything you hate
All the reasons for termination in my hand
Where do we choose to go?
Who do we need to be with?
I am solitary, solid yet indefinable
You just wish me luck
I just gave you death
Small differences and the urge to stay awake
One small step for all, yet........
Oh mother can I come home
Oh father are you still not dead
Oh sister why you still love me
Oh brother how I forget
I am the one you never see
The one who is always there?
The death at every door
Yet I'm still living
But never pure
This blood keeps me busy
These lies keep me insane
All the things you ever want, I waste
It's my nature, it's my blessing
So little faith, so much heaven
I'll be the hell you never needed