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Lost Night
In that night of angels roaming the streets
Of exploding windows and exploding hearts
Where dust mingled with hope in neon light
A crash course in love and a ticket for hate
Where the streets whispered too loudly
Wings were folded neatly in blood
Walls dripping water and blood
Doors to smashed interiors or barren lands
Don't look now, just step back
That night of fading, falling colours
Glowing eyes behind dark sunglasses
A reason for every tale sold at the corner
That night of you and me, pain and love
Soft sheets and hard lies in a stolen room
Scattered around the room, given in
When nothing was lost, nothing gained
An eternity of imploding facts
Scarring the ever changing flesh
In that night we could have embraced
But we got pushed away by wings and wind
You far away lost to me, you too close by
In a single moment of flashes of truth
Piecing a life together by letters
Guided away in torment, bricks thrown
When that night had passed I knew
What is lost can never be gained
Stepping through doors and windows
Over glass, fires wood and flesh
Only for that night do I still shine
With pale face and glowing eyes none the less
But still crawling in this pool of doubt
Dreaming of a night when angels crashed
And my heart got carried away in the night