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Hunting Fields
You stole into my room last night, gave me kisses
Wrapped your tender arms around me
While I grew lazy and fat, you were out hunting
While you were getting younger, I grew old
Someday I knew you'd return to me
But as I lay there, frail and old
My body betraying me for the first time
(My mind had betrayed me since birth)
You finally returned with blazing eyes
Ivory skin and a soul stretched to limitations
You see me as I was, what I'd been
Do I still look beautiful?
Does the gray thin hair suit me?
Does this fat covering my bones make you sick?
I'm sick of myself but I've smashed all reflections
I am too tired too reach for the knives
Even if I could my hands can't move anymore
Seeing you makes me feel young again
It makes me despise myself even more
But you blew me a cold kiss
Told me to follow you to the hunting fields
As I rose to follow you into adventures
My hair black and full again
My fat gone, instead slim, wiry and ivory coloured
I spat on my old body lying on the floor
Growing cold as my soul now was, but still burning
Here on the hunting fields with you, wild and young