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Frozen Roses
The roses called your name
Whispering tales of madness
Calling fate a distant lie
On the table where we don't talk
We could have spoken dreams
But all we had were tears and anger
You came here with the roses
But we had flowers already
True they were dying, but so are we
Take this pain away, kiss the thorns
Let the blood flow freely without words
Maybe we can come here again
In the winter with frozen roses
In a wasteland of forgotten tears
All we ever saw were the petals
Falling in our world like snow
The roses still call your name
They whisper it until you scream
Take these roses away I don't need them
Here on top of the world where I cannot feel
My hands are transparent, my spirit jaded
These flowers are everything we never had
These spirit flowers take my life with thorns
While madness kisses you and only you
I left you at that table with flowers talking
Talking to you as they once did to me