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Forgotten Souls
When she dances on the shining floor
She dances for the despair in her head
Her closest friend, her dearest enemy
When she kisses you she is miles away
Never knowing whom to hold onto
She is slipping sideways into corners unknown
The brief smile we never saw
The tears that were never shed
An empty soul feeling nothing anymore
She will see the dawn as something to fear
She loves dusk as much as the razor
Where she walks you never dream
Where she dreams you never walk
Nightmares are her dreams
Dreams are her silent screams
What she has you will never wish for
What's in her eyes terrifies you
What's in her mirror scares her even more
This is what she has become
This is what she has learned to love
Loving is for the blind
She knows too much to feel this way
What she feels is very unknown to her
When the music can no longer hold her
She will leave the shiny floor
For something darker where she can hide
As much from you as from herself