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Demons of the Heart
Everything has died, all alone here in this dead room
My mind spent to it's final and fatal last thought
In here with the angels burning and the wind howling
What you never saw is now tearing you to bloody pieces
The blood is filling the room with an ancient smell
Of lead and gasoline we take things that will never be understood 
Only for this madness did we take you by your hand?
Now there's burning of clothes and such young flesh
The flames reach higher to destroy all that once was
Nothing is needed here, nothing will ever do
It's all in your tiny little mind, blowing images
You do not wish to see but we will make you see, the hard way
If you do not like it much, commit suicide
See if we care, we never did, not for you or any other
So, run away in tears, run away in shame, we will laugh at you
This cruelty is all we have left, nothing else will do
So we destroy all that comes into our eyesight
You just grew too close and warm, in every way
Se we took your heart and fed it to the demons of our hearts
There you rest now and nothing we can do will help
Even if we wanted, even if we could, even if we should.....