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Dead Child
Dead child will you be buried
Dead child will you be mine
Dead child cradled in arms of love
Too late for the soul has already left
Too late for the pain has burned its mark
Forever in silence, forever waiting
In here with the cradle and the coffin
Choose the blind light that betrayed us all
Can you still feel something or is it all gone
I call but the child won't answer any more
Killed by hatred, neglect and punishments
See the dead child with its secret smile
See the dead child still forgiving you
Hear the names that are called out loud
In here with the buried child forever
Dead child you are mine forever
Although you can't speak I hear your pain
Although I can't feel you feel all the pain
Dead child struck down once too many
Dead child can I forgive myself for letting you go
The dead child and the silent man a union
Swaying in the cold wind and lost times
Swaying now with nothing to hold anymore
The dead child and the silent man buried together
I am the dead man with the silent child
I am the silent man with the dead child
No one speaks of the horrors anymore
No one mentions the cold earth stifling the screams
No longer a question of will they be buried
Now a song of where will they be buried
A silent song from the dead man and the buried child