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Do you know what I was back then?
In a summer of rain and wind
The sweet calm of the wilderness calls
I was someone else there
I wore a mask with a painted smile
But when you left so did the smile
It's not me these days
I'm someone else now
I may look the same from far away
I can still sound the same on the phone
But when you come close, close enough
You can see something in my eyes
That wasn't quite there before
A sort of wildness few have felt before
You can say and believe I haven't changed
But who knows best how I feel
You tell me how I feel, I know you lie
So summers pass, as they do
Meanwhile I grew wilder
Like grass in a forgotten garden
Where sweet flowers dance in the wind
I danced with you long ago
Now I can't seem to remember how to walk
In the fire many masks are burning brightly
The paint fading like rotting memories
Do you know what I was back then?