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Black Snow
The snow falls down to her feet
The bitter wind makes her cry
At least something does
She has no regrets and no remorse
Or so she tells herself over and over
Maybe the black will pass if she believes
But believe is a long way from home
She wraps her coat around her thin frame
Walks for miles, thinks light-years
Even the snow is black these years
Where are the sins hidden now?
They told her the light would reveal
But so far she has not seen a trace of light
Cold to the bone, that's just winter
Cold to the soul, that takes more to explain
As she walks her footsteps fade
Covered by the snow, falling forever
Just as her life, she leaves no footprints
Covered by her lies, falling forever
But her belief cannot deny the black
Her belief only strengthens the black
Until she is covered by the black
Leaving no trace of whom she was
Nor of what she might have been