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Another World
In a better world I wouldn't have let her kiss me
In a purer world she would not have needed to kiss me
Trodden on, put down, shot to pieces and cast away
In eyes the size of oceans, tears like tidal waves
Frozen upon an empty face that lay too still for dreams
Twisted, coloured by failure and the will to survive
Behind the smile a tornado calls a sweet name
Knowing it's mine I shut her up before it's too late
Before we get carried away, before bones crush in despair
Before dawn arrives with sweet guilt and sorrow smiles
I know I should not be here like this, I am not this
She knows she isn't what she is pretending to be
But we are still here, wrapped in the silence of we know what
This is a wicked world, very dirty to every pore, every crack
One day soon we will crash on the dusty shores of our friendship
Before crashing back into the water and drifting apart
But we have had that sweet forbidden moment
We shared it while we shouldn't have
In an imperfect world we sold our souls to our own lies
Our own sweet belief telling us it would be all right
That we wouldn't end up in deep wild waters
Alone, holding for dear life
Or what is left of it