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She had angels, voices, desperation
The kisses on her lips forbidden
The dreams she had always twisted
Angels and dirty wings
Gold always turned to metal
Her death was always close
She had visions, dreams, premonitions
One foretold the other
Never making sense
Never having the sense to stop
She could be your angel, goddess, priestess
Worst nightmares, wildest dreams
Clinging on to what you never had
Pure was her soul, marked her flesh
The prophecies saw her descending
The book proclaimed her demon from heaven
We saw her enter our life with colours
Though she said they were all stolen
She had more than we could ever achieve
Now we are stranded without angels
Her voice still carries through
But we can never be sure
She had a kind of magic
A kind of strange mystique
She seems aloof yet always shy
More than ever do we need her now
But she is long gone, on angel wings and roses
The blood red of wings, the black of leaves
She turned and never walked away
Yet as we look we will never see her
The despair in her voice, her vision of hell
Never quite what we were told
But we forget the lies we were fed
Dream up a new wilder story
Hope she will fall from the sky again
Where she once failed the sky
She will never fail herself again
For now she follows her heart
And not the beliefs of others